Armaan Malik is trending on social media after entering Bigg Boss OTT 3

Because Armaan Malik has 2 wives which is a point of discussion

Armaan Malik has 2 wives Payal Malik and Kritika Malik,But Why

Armaan Malik has married 3 times so far

 Payal Malik is the 2nd wife of Armaan Malik after divorce from his first wife

After Payal's marriage, her family filed a case against Armaan 

After this, Armaan fell in love with Payal's best friend Kritika and married her too 3rd time

Payal and Kritika were best friends and both of them couldn't live without Armaan.

Armaan became very famous on social media after marrying two wives and earned a lot

That is why Both of Armaan's wives Payal and Kritika live well with each other