Who is real Armaan Malik? Armaan Malik is now trending on social media, one name two people !

Who is real Armaan Malik: There has been a lot of controversy regarding Bigg Boss OTT 3 after the physical altercation between contestants Vishal Pandey and Armaan Malik. It all began when Vishal was slapped by Armaan when a comment was made by Vishal regarding the second wife of Armaan, Kritika Malik. This topic has been trending on social media right now.

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Who is real Armaan Malik ? One name two people!

It is a fact that one YouTuber named Armaan Malik is participating in Bigg Boss OTT 3 along with his two spouses, Payal and Kritika. Armaan is stealing the limelight right now because of several reasons. First, he has been involved in polygamy which is forbidden in this country. Second, Armaan has also physically assaulted another Bigg Boss participant as we have mentioned earlier.

However, there is already another well-known singer known by the same name, Armaan Malik. This singer has asserted that he does not have any connection with YouTuber Armaan Malik. Incidentally, the aforementioned YouTuber had changed his name from Sandeep Singh to Armaan Malik. According to the reputed singer, this YouTuber is receiving attention from the media because of negative reasons. In this way, it is now clear to all of us that the real “Armaan Malik” happens to be the singer, and the YouTuber seems to be the duplicate one.

Singer Armaan Malik Clarifies He Has “No Connection” With Bigg Boss OTT 3

Singer Armaan Malik has made a statement on X mentioning that he is not linked to the YouTuber in any manner whatsoever. It is despite the fact that both of them have identical names. The singer is not pleased because of being tagged over and over again on social media and he finally reacted to some wrong identification with the YouTuber.

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He likewise asserted that he tried his best to ignore the matter in the initial stages, and had no other way but to make an appeal when things were getting out of control. The singer even articulated that he did not approve of the lifestyle of Armaan Malik, the YouTuber. People are mistakenly confusing the singer with the YouTuber, and they must be aware of the actual fact.

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