WhatsApp adds new features for Video notes, You can chat with your friends without opening the app

Whatsapp Video notes: Meta-owned WhatsApp is adding new features to make using the app easier. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will soon allow users to forward outgoing video notes. This means you won’t have to record the same video message multiple times for different chats. This feature is first available to beta testers and will soon be available to all users.

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Users can record video notes directly within the camera interface

The new video note mode on WhatsApp simplifies recording and sharing video messages. Previously, users had to press and hold the camera icon in the chat bar to record a video note. With the new update, users can record video notes directly from a dedicated video note mode in the camera interface. The new Video notes feature aims to make the process more straightforward and user-friendly.

The updated camera mode streamlines the process of capturing video notes. Users can now start recording videos directly from the camera, making it easier and quicker to share video messages. The new Video notes mode addresses previous confusion and enhances the overall user experience.

Currently, this feature is available to a selected group of beta users on Android who have installed the latest beta update from the Google Play Store. A wider rollout is expected soon, allowing more users to benefit from this improved functionality.

Users can share video notes across various chats easily

WhatsApp is adding a new feature that lets users share video notes across different chats. This means you won’t need to record the same message multiple times. You can forward your video messages to different conversations easily. The new Video notes update aims to make WhatsApp more user-friendly.

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WhatsApp is also working on a new feature with Meta AI. Soon, you will be able to create AI-powered images of yourself. You will provide setup photos, and Meta AI will make personalized images that look like you. You can control and delete these photos anytime through the Meta AI settings.

These updates show WhatsApp’s efforts to make the app better and more enjoyable for users. The new forwarding feature and AI-powered images will make using WhatsApp easier and more fun.

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