Hina Khan on Breast Cancer Stage 3: How to cure Breast Cancer Stage 3?

Breast Cancer Stage 3: Many women in India and abroad are suffering from breast cancer at present. One of the recent victims is Hina Khan, who happens to be a well-known actor. She has revealed on Instagram that she is suffering from stage 3 breast cancer and is already undergoing treatment.

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Breast Cancer Stage 3 Symptoms

Breast cancer can be defined as a condition where the breast cells develop beyond control. Although more advanced, it is not feasible for the cancer to affect distant areas of the body while someone is suffering from stage III breast cancer. Here, we have mentioned some symptoms of this particular condition.

  • Modification in the shape or size of the breast – It is possible for the appearance of one breast to be different.
  • Lump within the breast – There might be a painful and hard lump within the breast.
  • Inflammation of the breast – It is possible for the breast to be inflamed and tender.
  • Changes of the nipple – There might be leakage of fluid in the nipple or it might turn inward.
  • Changes in the skin – It is feasible for the skin on the breast to become red in color.
  • A lump beneath the arm – There might be a lump present in the armpit.

Breast cancer stage 3 survival rate

As already mentioned, the breast cells will grow uncontrollably in case of breast cancer. Even though the cancer has spread to the nearby tissues in stage III breast cancer, it has not reached the distant areas of the body. Here, we have mentioned the survival rate of this condition.

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Approximately 72% of victims of this condition will survive for five years. It implies that it is possible for 72 individuals out of a hundred to survive for at least five years following diagnosis. One can exceed this limit after undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Here, we would like to mention that these survival rates depend on estimation. It will vary from one person to the other. Moreover, different factors will also determine the rate of survival. This can be the overall health of the patient as well as how the cancer is responding to treatment. Make sure to take the guidance of your physician for the most effective treatment options.

How to cure Breast Cancer Stage 3 

One has to undergo several treatments simultaneously while trying to cure stage III breast cancer. Below, we have cited the most typical steps that can be taken by the medical practitioners:

  • Surgical procedures – Here, we are talking about a process known as lumpectomy in which case the tumor will be removed from the breast. On some occasions, the entire breast can be removed which we refer to as mastectomy.
  • Radiation therapy – In this case, the doctor will make use of high-energy rays for the purpose of destroying the cancer cells. On most occasions, this procedure will be used following surgery.
  • Chemotherapy – The patient will be given strong medications to destroy cancer cells. It can be given before or after surgery according to the situation.
  • Targeted therapy – Medication will be given to the patient targeting some particular portions of the cancer cells so that they cannot develop any further.
  • Hormone therapy – Medications be given to those patients suffering from hormone-sensitive cancer. It will block the hormones responsible for the development of the cancer.
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Breast Cancer suffered Hina Khan posted a video her is under treatment for Breast Cancer Stage 3 .

How to prevent Breast Cancer

Even though it might not be possible to prevent this condition at all times, some steps can be taken to reduce the risks. These are as follows:

  • Healthy diet – Make sure to consume plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, as well as whole grains. Try to stay away from eating processed food items frequently.
  • Maintain a proper weight – There is an increased risk of suffering from breast cancer if the person is overweight. Therefore, it’ll be advisable to maintain a proper weight.
  • Exercise regularly – Make it a point to work out for a minimum of 30 minutes regularly. One can perform walking, dancing, or jogging.
  • Restrict consumption of alcohol – Consuming too much alcohol can be responsible for enhancing the risk of suffering from breast cancer.
  • Do not smoke – Smoking can be detrimental for the overall health. Moreover, it can enhance the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Regular checkups – It’ll be a good idea to visit your physician regularly for mammograms. It’ll be easier to treat the cancer if detected early. 

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