Telangana Formation Day 2 June 2024: CM Revanth Reddy tribute to leaders,Watch video here

Telangana Formation Day 2 June 2024: We will celebrate Telangana Formation Day on 2nd June 2024, Sunday, and Telangana came into existence in 2014 on this day. Telangana is India’s 28th state, and all the districts of Telangana hoist the Indian national flag to pay respect to this day. The chief minister of the state hoisted the national flag and there was a ceremonial parade to commemorate this day as well.

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Telangana Formation Day 2 June 2024: CM Revanth Reddy tribute to leaders on Telangana Formation Day

The chief minister of Telangana, Revanth Reddy, conveyed his greetings to the residents of the state on Saturday. He remembered those who sacrificed their lives to achieve statehood. The chief minister also thanked individuals from various spheres of life for participating in the Telangana movement for seven years. Reddy went to Raj Bhavan on Saturday to meet Radhakrishnan, the state governor. He invited the governor to attend this year’s celebration on the second of June.

The chief minister also asserted that June 2 is considered to be the most important day of the year. He mentioned that the state government is responsible for rebuilding Telangana for the upliftment of individuals. He likewise gave assurance that there would be restoration of the democratic atmosphere that had been destroyed during the last few years. According to him, new policies and plans are being formulated by the authorities with the aspiration of making Telangana one of the most prosperous states in the country.

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