PM Modi Twitt:Practicing Trikonasana improves shoulders and more,Watch video

PM Narendra Modi shared an animated video showing the Prime Minister wearing a blue T-shirt and black track pants. PM is performing tadasana, which is also called the palm tree pose. The video explains the benefits of doing tadasana. It helps improve physical balance and mental stability. The video encourages people to practice yoga for better health and wellness by showing these exercises.

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PM Modi Twitted, Practicing Trikonasana improves shoulders, back and concentration!

The 2-minute animated video shows the Prime Minister wearing a blue T-shirt and black track pants doing tadasana, also known as the palm tree pose. The video talks about how tadasana helps keep the body and mind balanced.

“Practicing Trikonasana will increase the strength of your shoulders and vertebrae, and it also helps to improve concentration!” PM Modi had tweeted.

Tadasana helps balance the whole body. It stretches the spine, stomach muscles, and intestines. It clears nerve blockages along the spine. Tadasana strengthens muscles and ligaments in the legs, arms, and back. It’s good for kids because it stretches their spine, helping them grow taller if they have poor posture. When you do this pose, you focus on a point and keep your mind steady. It also helps reduce mental stress and sadness.

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