Jharkhand Famous Youtuber Manoj Dey Wife Jyoti pregnant, Watch Video here

Manoj Dey Wife Jyoti pregnant: Manoj Dey is one of the most well-known YouTubers and bloggers in India. He has a reputation for creating vlogs on YouTube related to tips, reviews, and unboxing, as well as generating cash online. At present, there are a couple of active YouTube channels for this person, and while the first one has more than 61.30 lakh subscribers, the other one has over 13 lakh subscribers.

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Manoj Dey Wife Jyoti pregnant: officially announced on Manoj Dey Vlogs Youtube Channel

This famous YouTuber tied the knot with his long-time fiancée whose name is Jyoti Shree in the year 2023. And, finally, the good news has come as well. Manoj Dey has announced on YouTube on 5th June 2024 that he is going to become a father although they had no plans to do so. They only wanted to attain parenthood after shifting to a new house. Manoj had already mentioned on Instagram a few days earlier that good news is about to come. Many fans had already predicted the arrival of a new infant. And, Manoj has declared that ultimately it is going to happen in reality.

The YouTuber also requested his followers to share their comments with him regarding this good news. He also asserted that he and his wife had achieved many things last year, and this news is the best achievement for them in 2024. Manoj also revealed that his spouse had been sick for the last 3 months. He likewise assured that he will share updates regarding their attaining parenthood in the upcoming videos.

All of the fan followers of Manoj Dey and JyotiShree Mahto congratulated them in comments at Youtube and Instagram.

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Manoj Dey married Youtuber Jyotishree Mahto on dated 15/03/2023

Manoj had been in a relationship with his girlfriend Jyoti for approximately 2 to 3 years. Finally, he came into a matrimonial alliance with Jyoti on 15th March 2023. This news had been shared by Manoj on his blog channel much to the surprise of his numerous fans. In a picture posted on social media, we could see Manoj wearing a crown on his head and dressed in typical Bengali wedding attire. On the other hand, Jyoti could be seen putting on a traditional saree with vermilion on her forehead.

Incidentally, this famous couple tied the knot in the famous Kali temple in Kolkata on 15 March 2023. This marriage took place while maintaining complete privacy, and people came to know about the marriage only after it was revealed by Manoj on social media. Here, we would like to mention that it was a love marriage and the ceremony was not attended by any family member. This is because the families of both Manoj and Jyoti did not approve of the marriage.  

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