International Yoga Day 2024:PM Modi Twitt, Chakrasana benefits, Watch Video here

Yoga is an old practice from India that includes exercises for the body, mind, and spirit. “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit language and it means “to join” or “to unite,” showing how it brings together the body and mind. June 21 is the International Day of Yoga. International Yoga Day helps people to understand the benefits of practising yoga. This special day was suggested by India and supported by 175 countries.

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PM Modi twitted: Benefits of Chakrasana

PM Narendra Modi tweeted an animated video about Chakrasana and said “Practice Chakrasana for better health. It is excellent for the heart and helps improve blood circulation.”

Chakrasana also called the wheel pose, offers many health benefits. 

Physically, it helps improve posture and strengthens the arms, legs, spine, and abdomen. Chakrasana opens up the chest and stretches the shoulders, hip flexors, and core. This pose makes the spine more flexible, tones core muscles, reduces belly fat, and boosts blood circulation.

Mentally, Chakrasana reduces stress and tension. Chakrasana also improves mood, boosts confidence, sharpens eyesight, and brings mental clarity and peace.

For the respiratory system, Chakrasana expands the lungs, increasing oxygen intake. Chakrasana also helps with asthma, breathing problems, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues.

Therapeutically, this pose can treat digestive problems, cervical issues, and spondylitis. It offers relief and improves overall health.

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