Gold Rate Today 17 June 2024: Know Gold Rate in your city here

Gold Rate Today 17 June 2024: Did you know that the prices of gold and silver change every day? It’s really important to stay updated on the current price of gold before making any transactions. In India, people are always eager to know the accurate gold prices. Thankfully, Rita’sEasyWorld provides daily updates on the rates of 18k, 22k, 24k gold, as well as silver in India. So you can always rely on them to keep you informed!

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Do you want to know about Gold Rate Today 17 June 2024 in India, we are informing the correct gold rate here.

24k Gold Rate Today 17 June 2024

Currently, the price of 24k gold in India is Rs.7233.00 per gram, which is important information to have if you are planning to purchase 24k gold today. To find the most up-to-date rate for 24k gold in India on June 17, 2024, you can visit the official website.

22k Gold Rate Today 17 June 2024

Make sure to verify the current price of 22k gold in India, which stands at Rs 6630.00 per gram, before making any purchase. The price for today, June 17, 2024, is sourced directly from the official website to ensure accurate information is provided.

18k Gold Rate Today 17 June 2024

As of June 17, 2024, the official website states that the current rate for 18-carat gold in India is Rs 5424.00 per gram. If you’re thinking about making a purchase today, make sure to remember this price point.

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Kindly note that the prices provided above do not encompass GST/VAT. Gold and silver rates are subject to regular updates post 10.30 am and 5.30 pm. Additional fees like GST and handling charges might be applicable during the transaction process. For the most recent gold and silver rates, it is advisable to check the official website for certified gold rates.

Gold and their corresponding purities:

  • 24K gold is considered to be the purest with a purity of 99.9%, while 23K gold is slightly less pure at 95.8%.
  • Moving down the scale, 22K gold has a purity of 91.67%, making it less pure than 23K gold.
  • Similarly, 21K gold has a purity of 87.5%, which is less pure than 22K gold.
  • When it comes to jewellery making, 18K gold with 75% purity is commonly used due to its durability and quality.
  • On the lower end of the purity scale, 17K gold has a purity of 70.8%, making it less pure than 18K gold.
  • 14K gold, with a purity of 58.5%, is also commonly used in jewellery making for its durability and affordability.
  • Stepping down further, 10K gold has a purity of 41.7%, making it less pure than 14K gold.
  • For more affordable jewelry, 9K gold with a purity of 37.5% is commonly used.
  • Lastly, 8K gold has the lowest purity among the mentioned types, with a purity of 33.3%.

Gold Rate Today 17 June 2024: Know Gold Rate in your city here

City22K Today (₹)24K Today (₹)18K Today (₹)
Chennai₹ 6,690₹ 7,298₹ 5,474
Mumbai₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Delhi₹ 6,645₹ 7,248₹ 5,437
Kolkata₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Bangalore₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Hyderabad₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Kerala₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Pune₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Ahmedabad₹ 6,635₹ 7,238₹ 5,429
Jaipur₹ 6,645₹ 7,248₹ 5,437
Lucknow₹ 6,645₹ 7,248₹ 5,437
Patna₹ 6,635₹ 7,238₹ 5,429
Nagpur₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Bhubaneswar₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Visakhapatnam₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Ayodhya₹ 6,645₹ 7,248₹ 5,437
Cuttack₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Berhampur₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Rourkela₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Sambalpur₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Amritsar₹ 6,645₹ 7,248₹ 5,437
Bhopal₹ 6,635₹ 7,238₹ 5,429
Varanasi₹ 6,645₹ 7,248₹ 5,437
Goa₹ 6,630₹ 7,233₹ 5,424
Agra₹ 6,645₹ 7,248₹ 5,437

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