Baby elephant rejected by its mother,Now lives in Mudumalai National Park, Watch video here

The Mudumalai National Park has the reputation of being a well-known and picturesque wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu that is a world in itself. Here, you will find some vulnerable and endangered species such as the Bengal tiger, Indian elephant, Indian leopard, and gaur. Recently, a baby elephant was brought to the Mudumalai National Park after it was rejected by its mother which we have mentioned right below.

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Baby elephant rejected by its mother, Now lives in Mudumalai National Park, Nilgiris

The frontline forest staff tried their best to reunite a baby elephant with its mother as many as eight times but without success. Apart from this, they likewise tried to reunite the three-month-old baby with other elephant herds, but that too did not yield any positive results. Right now, the forest officials have taken the permission of the chief wildlife warden and have brought the baby to the aforementioned Mudumalai National Park.

You can see the baby elephant being escorted down from a vehicle in the national park on 9th June 2024. Then the elephant was brought to a camp in the park by several forest officials with lots of care and affection. The good thing is that the cute baby was cooperating with them all the while. Then we could see in the video that the forest staff making the creature wear a garland made of flowers on one of its legs. In the last scene, we could see a staff feeding milk to the baby who was drinking it very attentively. Let us pray to God that this baby will lead a happy life in the Mudumalai National Park in the upcoming days. 

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The video has been posted by ANI News on Twitter on 10th June 2024. Please click here for watching the video.

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