Armaan Malik Two Wives Story: You will be shocked to know the reason behind two wives

Armaan Malik Two Wives Story: There are several famous YouTubers in India right now, and Armaan Malik is one of them. He has several channels on YouTube like Family Fitness, Malik Vlogs, Malik Family Vlogs, and so forth which has helped him to generate lots of revenue. Incidentally, this well-known personality is also famous for another reason which is that he has a couple of wives, namely, Payal Malik as well as Kritika Malik.

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Armaan Malik Two Wives Story: Armaan Malik and Payal Malik Lovestory and marriage

Actually Armaan Malik has been married 3 times so far. His relationship with his first wife did not last long. They have been divorced. After that Armaan Malik married 2nd time whose name is Payal Malik. The love story and marriage of Armaan Malik and Payal Malik is like this.

Armaan Malik tied the knot with Payal 2nd time who had been a bank employee. Armaan was in the habit of visiting the bank regularly to make transactions. There, he came across the aforementioned lady for the first time in 2011 and immediately fell in love with her. He was not able to resist the urge to propose to her for marriage.

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Payal did not give her consent initially; however, they finally went to a temple before getting married. In fact, they had an affair for only 6 days and following this, they tied the knot. Payal was so committed to Armaan that she even departed from her family residence for good. They had developed a solid bond which helped them to remain united for more than 13 years.

Armaan Malik Two Wives Story: Armaan Malik and Kritika Malik Lovestory and marriage

Armaan Malik married Kritika Malik for 3rd time. The original name of 3rd wife is Kritika Basra. She is a buddy of the 2nd wife of her present husband. It was in 2018 when Armaan and his eventual 3rd wife met each other. Kritika was invited by Payal to her residence on her son’s birthday when Armaan saw Kritika for the first time. They captured some photographs on that occasion and Payal gave the phone number of her husband to Kritika to get hold of those photographs.

Armaan Malik Two Wives Story

Armaan and Kritika began their conversation from that time onwards and all of them eventually planned to go to Dehradun for a tour. For this reason, Kritika came to the house of Armaan before their voyage. However, this trip was canceled and Payal requested her to stay in their residence for those 7 days of the trip. The interesting thing is that Armaan and Kritika fell in love with each other during those 7 days and they eventually got married as well.

Here, we would like to mention that one day, Armaan had to go to the police station where he was called by his eventual 3rd wife for assistance. The YouTuber acted as if he was the fiancé of Kritika before bringing the situation under control. At that time, Armaan expressed his soft corner to Kritika with a proposal to marry her. Eventually, these two individuals ended up in a blissful marriage.

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Armaan Malik became famous after exposure two wives pregnant photo on social media

One day Armaan Malik shared the pregnant photos of his two wives on social media. This photo went viral on social media. Day by day Armaan Malik’s social media followers kept increasing. His earnings are increasing from social media. People say that Armaan Malik married so many times just to become famous on social media so that he could earn by increasing his followers on social media.

There is no doubt that social media can be responsible for making a person generate lots of revenue. The same has been the case for the aforementioned Armaan Malik. He has a massive fan following on social media right now.

As a matter of fact, he can boast of having more than 7 million subscribers on a particular YouTube channel along with approximately 3 million followers on Instagram. He arrived in the capital city of India with only 2000 INR and struggled a lot initially. Interestingly, he married two wives as we have already mentioned before which also helped him to become famous.

Armaan Malik Networth

The good thing is that it has been possible for Armaan to generate lots of cash and popularity because of his intriguing content with two wives Payal Malik and Kritika Malik. According to him, his net worth is somewhere between 100 and 200 crore INR. Interestingly, he has accumulated all this money in only a couple of years through YouTube. Right now, he can boast of having as many as 10 apartments which he has divided among his wives and children, as well as his employees. 

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Recently Armaan Malik is participating in Bigg Boss OTT 3 2024 with both his wives Payal Malik and Kritika Malik. You can follow him on his Instagram account.

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Why Armaan Malik has two Wives, You will be shocked to know
Why Armaan Malik has two Wives, You will be shocked to know
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