Shah Rukh Khan celebrates KKR’s IPL winning with his family, Watch Video here

Kolkata Knight Riders were successful in overcoming Sunrisers Hyderabad in the final match of the Indian Premier League held on 26th May 2024. The noted film personality Shah Rukh Khan was present in the field during the celebrations of KKR. Incidentally, Shah Rukh Khan is the co-owner of KKR right now.

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Shah Rukh Khan celebrates KKR’s IPL win with his family

We have seen this actor celebrating with his family during this moment of glory for KKR. Incidentally, Khan was admitted to hospital a few days earlier because of a heatstroke in Ahmedabad. Earlier he was present at the ground during many of the matches that KKR had played in the tournament. He had been a constant source of motivation for his team through and through. Kolkata Knight Riders were able to clinch the coveted title for the third time in IPL history.

The victory of KKR in this match was evident while the match was in progress. This is mainly because of the dismal performance of the Hyderabad batsmen. Finally, the KKR camp began to celebrate in full swing when the match concluded.

Shah Rukh Khan found it difficult to hide his emotions during the celebrations with his near and dear ones. He was accompanied by his daughter (Suhana) and son (AbRam) while the celebrations were in progress. The presence of the reputed Bollywood actor on the ground despite his present health condition was the talk of the day. The support shown by him for KKR was incredible. He also went to the dressing room of the players to motivate them in the earlier matches despite losses. That depicts his love for the team and the players who are a part of it.

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KKR won the initial title in the year 2012 at the same venue in Chennai. And, the notable thing is that Shah Rukh Khan was present at the ground in that match as well. This emphatic triumph of Kolkata Knight Riders showcases the commitment of SRK toward his team along with his family.

Shahrukh Khan hugged Suhana Khan, Suhana had tears in her eyes with a smile

While Shah Rukh Khan was seen celebrating the victory of his team, his daughter Suhana Khan rushed to hug her lovable dad. She asked her celebrity dad whether he was happy. We saw SRK hugging and kissing his daughter and his youngest son AbRam also came and joined them. Afterward, Aryan, the eldest son of the actor also hugged SRK. It was nice to watch them celebrating the memorable achievement of Kolkata Knight Riders in this way.

Here, we would like to mention that the wife of the actor, Gauri, was also present right there. Suhana was accompanied by her buddies Ananya Panday and Shanaya Kapoor and they were all cheering for the Riders. Incidentally, Juhi Chawla, the co-owner of the Knight Riders was also a part of the celebrations.

We all hope that Kolkata Knight Riders will succeed in winning further laurels in this prestigious tournament in the future. And, this will please all the ardent supporters of KKR including, of course, Shah Rukh Khan!

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