PM Modi Interview: Such statement about ST, SC and Odisha government,watch video here

PM Modi Interview: It is a fact that only a few days remain for the Lok Sabha elections. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, believes that his party (the Bharatiya Janata Party) will be able to form the government at the center, as well as in Odisha. Here, we would like to mention that the assembly elections of the center and Odisha will take place at the same time. The Prime Minister asserted that there is a violation of the basic spirit of the Indian Constitution right now. In this article, we will talk about what Modi said in an interview which was held recently.

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PM Modi Interview,Said: I want to alert the SC, ST, OBC & other backward

In this interview, the noted politician claimed that the opposition parties have damaged the constitutional rights of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, as well as Other Backward Classes, and it is important to safeguard these groups. The Indian Prime Minister mentioned that it is time to protect the fundamental rights of these aforementioned communities and also the constitutional principles.

While talking about reservation, the Prime Minister said that he wanted to notify the backward-class individuals of India, including the SC, ST, and OBC that they have been kept in darkness by the opposition party. The primary intention of the opposition will be to loot these people. He believed that it was time for him to notify his countrymen regarding this particular crisis at the time of the elections. There has been a violation of the fundamental spirit of the Indian Constitution, and people who claim to be the well-wishers of the Tribals and Dalits are actually their real enemies.

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He also blamed the opposition by mentioning that they are responsible for converting the educational centers to minority institutions. Modi asserted that the protection for minority groups was being eliminated by this move.

It has been found that approximately 10,000 institutions have been designated as minority institutions, which resulted in the loss of reservations. In this way, admissions, as well as jobs have been affected.

Modi Sais, BJP CM will take oath in Odisha on June 10

In this interview mentioned in this article, Modi likewise emphasized that no progress has been made in Odisha during the past two decades. He is concerned about the fact that the entire system in Odisha has been taken over by a toli. The Prime Minister believes that it’ll be possible for this state to make advancements if it can overcome this situation.

As a matter of fact, he was sad because of the poor conditions of the individuals of this prosperous state. He also mentioned that Odisha can boast of having lots of natural resources. He thought that the government was responsible for the condition of these people. Therefore, these individuals must obtain their fundamental rights.

Modi also mentioned that the BJP Chief Minister is going to take oath in the state of Odisha on June 10. According to the Prime Minister, there will be a transformation in the fate of this state. There will be a change in the government. He also mentioned that the present government of this state is going to expire on June 4. Moreover, the chief minister of the BJP will be taking oath in Odisha on June 10.

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