Mamaearth CEO Ghazal Alagh shared the secret of success on Twitter, know here

Ghazal Alagh, CEO and co-founder of Mamaearth advises us to focus on improving ourselves instead of comparing with others. According to her, when we compete with our past selves, we can truly measure our growth. This means setting personal goals and striving to do better than before. If we have this mindset then, we can continue to improve and achieve success in our life. 

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Mamaearth CEO Ghazal Alagh shared the secret of success on Twitter

Ghazal Alagh, originally from Chandigarh, started Mamaearth with her husband Varun Alagh in New Delhi in 2016. Ghazal is there on Social media platforms and she shares a lot of things on it.

She wrote, “Analysis paralysis kills more dreams than failure ever did. Stop debating and start creating. Put your ideas out into the world, and let the market be your truth detector.”

She also wrote, “You’ll learn more from one customer interaction than from a thousand internal meetings. The sooner you ship, the sooner you’ll know if you’re on the right track.”

Ghazal’s Instagram and Twitter posts keep her fans interested by giving meaningful ideas about life, success, and learning, while also motivating and inspiring them.

About Mamaearth CEO Ghazal Alagh

Ghazal Alagh, once a corporate trainer, is now a talented artist and entrepreneur. She is a co-founder of Mamaearth. Mamaearth started making baby products which don’t have any chemical toxins.  Ghazal, also known as the Chief Mama at Mamaearth, focuses on creating new products and managing the community. She talks to many moms to understand their problems and make products that help them.

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The idea for Mamaearth came to Ghazal when she became a mom herself. She had a hard time finding safe products for her son, Agastya. Besides running a successful business and being a loving mom, Ghazal is also a celebrated artist. She studied Information Technology in college and learned about art in New York. Before starting her company, she worked at NIIT, teaching people about computers.

At NIIT, Ghazal taught managers and engineers about things like SQL, J2ME, and Oracle. She used her knowledge of computers and art to build her own business and create beautiful things for babies. Ghazal wants to help moms, by providing the best products for Baby care. 

In 2021, Ghazal Alagh joined the judging panel of “Shark Tank India.” It’s a TV show where people with new business ideas try to get money from investors. Ghazal is one of the judges who listens to these ideas and decides if they’re good or not. It’s a cool chance for her to help new businesses grow.

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