Hurry! Sri Lanka allows 30 days Visa-free for the following Country

Sri Lanka is letting people from India and a few other countries visit without needing a visa. Now, people can plan their trips to Sri Lanka more easily. They won’t have to spend time and money getting a visa, so more people might decide to visit. Visa-free travelling is good for Sri Lanka because it means more tourists will come. This will help Sri Lanka’s economy to grow.

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Sri Lanka allows 30 days visa-free for the following Country

Visa-free entry opens up exciting opportunities for seamless travel and exploration, allowing visitors to experience the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality that Sri Lanka has to offer. Sri Lanka recently decided to change its mind about increasing the fee for tourist visas. They had planned to double the fee from $50 to $100 for a 30-day visit. But after people complained, they cancelled the increase.

Sri Lanka has cancelled their decision to increase the Visa fees. They want more travellers to come to Sri Lanka which will help them to increase their Tourism industry and also to grow their economy. Sri Lanka allowed the countries India, China, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia as Visa free for 30 days.

Sri Lankan Tourist Places where you may visit

There are various places in Sri Lanka, where you may visit:

  1. Sigiriya: Imagine climbing a tall rock called “Lion Rock” with lots of history and beautiful views. When you reach the top, you’ll see lots of green plants and old buildings.
  2. Kandy: This city has a special temple where people believe the tooth of Lord Buddha is kept. There you can see the different cultures of Sri Lanka.
  3. Galle: Walking around Galle feels like going back in time. There are old streets, buildings from a long time ago, and cosy cafes where you can relax.
  4. Nuwara Eliya: It’s called “Little England” because it looks like England with its green hills and tea farms. It is a peaceful place and the weather there is awesome.
  5. Yala National Park: This is where you can go on an exciting safari adventure.
  6. Ella: Put on your hiking shoes and go for a walk in Ella. You can climb Ella Moutain and at the top, you will have amazing views of the Forest. You can also take a train ride to see more of the countryside.
  7. Dambulla: Visit the Dambulla Cave Temples to see ancient paintings and statues inside caves. It is a good place with a lot of Positivity.
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Mirissa: Relax on the soft sand of Mirissa Beach and watch the sun go down. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go on a boat to see big whales or snorkel in the clear water.

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