Facebook, Instagram Down on 14th May Night, What was the reason

Meta’s popular social media apps, Facebook and Instagram, had problems worldwide. Many users couldn’t use them, according to Downdetector, a website that tracks outages. This isn’t the first time this has happened to Meta. In March this year, many users had similar issues. They said they were logged out of their Facebook and Instagram accounts unexpectedly.

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Facebook and Instagram were Down on the 14th of May Night

Meta’s Facebook and Instagram are having problems for thousands of users all around the world, according to Downdetector. According to the website, over 18,000 users had trouble accessing Instagram. Among them, 59% faced issues using the app, 34% had trouble connecting to the server, and 7% couldn’t log in. Downdetector collects information about outages from different sources, including users themselves.

The internet monitoring group NetBlocks shared on X (previously Twitter) that both Instagram and Facebook were facing ‘international outages’.

“Meta platforms which include Instagram and Facebook are having international server issues right now. This issue isn’t because of internet problems or filtering at the country level. #InstagramDown #FacebookDown,” NetBlocks wrote in their post.

Users expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter

One person on X asked if Instagram wasn’t working for everyone. They said, “Is Instagram down? Ohh, so it is not me having internet problems, Instagram is down!”

Another user joked about the situation, saying, “How can I moan about my tummy ache when Instagram is down?”

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Someone else said, “I feel like Instagram is always the one app that’s not working.”

Another person, feeling annoyed, commented on the NetBlocks post about Instagram and Facebook being down, saying, “I hope it stays that way.”

Users also shared their thoughts on Instagram and Facebook not working in the comments on Downdetector. One person said, “I didn’t know that I use this much Instagram until it’s not there.”

Another user suggested there might be a problem with Meta’s servers, saying, “Looks like Meta’s servers are having problems. Even Facebook isn’t working.”

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