Air India Express issued dismissal notice to cabin crew members

On Wednesday, Air India Express decided to end the contracts of some senior cabin crew members who called in sick the day before. This happened while the airline was still dealing with flight cancellations that started 24 hours ago. In a new statement, the airline said they are trying hard to solve the problems. Despite the difficulties, Air India Express is working to fix things and make sure passengers are not too affected by the issues.

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Air India Express issued dismissal notice to cabin crew members

Air India Express has dismissed around 30 cabin crew members, following a day where almost 300 employees called in sick and switched off their phones, causing major disruptions in flights. It’s expected that more job terminations will occur. Management has given employees until 4 pm today to return to work or face consequences.

While there’s no official confirmation on the number of employees receiving termination notices, reports suggest that at least 25 senior crew members have been let go. However, some sources indicate that the number of layoffs could reach up to 30.

In a termination letter sent to one employee, the airline mentioned that a large number of crew members claimed to be sick at the last minute. The letter expressed concern about this being a coordinated absence from work without a valid reason.

Air India Express canceled 100 flights from Tuesday to Wednesday

Air India Express canceled 100 flights from Tuesday night to Wednesday night. In response to the cancellation of more than 100 flights, Air India Express CEO Aloke Singh released a statement on Wednesday. He announced that the airline would be cutting down on flights in the upcoming days due to a significant number of cabin crew members calling in sick right before their scheduled shifts.

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“Over 100 of our cabin crew colleagues have reported feeling unwell just before their assigned flight duties, causing major disruptions to our operations. This sudden absence was primarily from colleagues assigned the L1 role, which led to a disproportionate impact, resulting in the disruption of over 90 flights even though other colleagues were available for duty,” stated the CEO in a 350-word statement.

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