Air India Express Cancelled 70 Flights, Full refund of ticket: The Airline said

Air India Express had to cancel about 70 flights and had many delays. This happened because many cabin crew members said they were sick. They did this together to show they were not happy with how the Tata Group-owned airline is managed.

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Air India Express Cancelled 70 Flights, Why

Around 70 Air India Express flights got cancelled because many cabin crew members suddenly said they were sick. This made it hard for the flights to operate as planned. The cabin crew members did this to protest against a new employment rule at the Tata Group-owned airline. Now, Air Inda Express is trying to talk to their crew members to solve the issue.

Air India Express had to cancel several flights because some of their cabin crew members called in sick at the last minute. A spokesperson for Air India said that this sudden shortage of cabin crew made these flights delayed and cancelled. The spokesperson also said that they were talking to the crew to find out why this happened and trying to fix the problem as quickly as possible. The airline’s priority is to minimize any inconvenience caused to passengers because of these flight disruptions.

Passengers may get a full refund of the ticket: The airline said

The spokesperson from Air India Express expressed apologies for the trouble passengers faced because of the sudden flight cancellations. They assured passengers who were affected by the cancellations that they would get their money back or could change their flight dates without paying extra. People who were planning to fly with Air India Express were told to check if their flights were still happening before going to the airport to avoid problems.

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This happened not long after Vistara, another airline owned by Tata Group, had to reduce how many flights it was doing because there weren’t enough pilots. Vistara had to cancel about 25-30 flights every day, which caused a lot of disruption for travellers.

Passengers Expressed dissatisfaction after Air India Express flight cancelled

Some passengers went on social media to complain about the flights being cancelled without warning. When one passenger posted about it on X (formerly Twitter), Air India Express replied and said the flight was cancelled because of “operational reasons”.

Air India also said they were working to make things better for passengers whose flights got cancelled. They offered them two options: they could either change their flight to another date within the next 7 days or get a full refund. They told passengers they could use their chatbot Tia to sort things out.

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