After the ban on MDH and Everest  masala, the Food Safety Board asked to test the Composition of all spices in India

Amidst a big argument about sending spices out of India, the government has told all states to check them carefully. Even though groups like the Spices Board and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) usually test these spices, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about how good they are.

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The Food Safety Board asked to test the composition of all spices

To address worries about spices, Uttarakhand’s Food Safety Commissioner, Dr R Rajesh Kumar, ordered thorough testing of all spices made locally. There are more than 50 places making spices in the state. The goal is to make sure the spices are good. “Officers in all 13 districts are told to check spices in factories,” said Kumar.

There’s a big problem with major spice companies like MDH and Everest. A recent report says more than half of India’s spice exports could have issues. It’s really important to solve this problem to protect the reputation of India’s spice industry.

Now, even Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is involved. The agency is looking into claims of problems with spices from Indian brands like MDH and Everest. If they find issues, products might be taken off shelves, like what happened in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The big issue is a chemical called ethylene oxide found in these products. Ethylene oxide can cause cancer. Some of the MDF and Everest spices also have salmonella, a germ that can make people sick.

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