WhatsApp Instagram down on 3rd April, What was the reason

WhatsApp Instagram down: On April 3, 2024, around 11:30 PM IST, both WhatsApp and Instagram suddenly stopped working. People using WhatsApp couldn’t send or get messages, and Instagram users had trouble seeing new posts on their timelines. People got frustrated, who were using this app to talk to their friends or family.

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WhatsApp Instagram down, What was the reason

Around 11:30 PM IST on April 3, 2024, both WhatsApp and Instagram stopped working suddenly. People who use WhatsApp have trouble sending and getting messages, and those on Instagram can’t see new posts on their timelines. This was the second time this happened in a month. Last month, there was another problem with these apps. But this time, we don’t know the reason behind it. Last month, people thought it was because of damaged cables in the Red Sea, but we’re not sure what caused it this time.

WhatsApp has replied on its official Twitter account that they were working to back WhatsApp as quickly as possible.

Users reaction on Twitter to WhatsApp Instagram down

After the outage, Twitter was filled with memes and tweets about WhatsApp and Instagram. Many users shared their frustration and talked about what happened during the outage on Twitter (now X). The hashtags related to WhatsApp and Instagram started trending on Twitter, showing how many people were talking about it.

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This Outage showed that people are so much dependent on these social media apps. With billions of users using WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to stay connected, even a short time without these apps can affect lots of people and businesses all over the world.

WhatsApp Instagram down

In which countries were WhatsApp Instagram down ?

WhatsApp and Instagram outages hit Europe and America hard, disrupting their daytime routines on WhatsApp and Instagram. Meanwhile, in Asia and India, where it was late at night, fewer people were impacted by the disruption.

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