Urfi Javed’s 100kg Blue Gown Outfit Video Viral, Watch here

Urfi Javed’s 100kg Blue Gown Outfit: Urfi Javed never fails to impress with her stunning outfits whenever she’s out and about. Every time she’s spotted by the paparazzi, her fashion choices become the centre of attention. This time, she left everyone in awe with an amazing blue gown. But what made this outfit truly remarkable was its weight – a whopping 100 kilograms!

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Who is the designer of Urfi Javed’s 100kg Blue Gown Outfit?

Urfi once again amazed everyone with her new look. She wore a stunning blue gown made by her team of tailors and stylists. The gown was strapless and made of netted blue fabric, with a big puffy top and a long, flowing skirt that had beautiful ruffles. It was like something you’d see at the Met Gala! Urfi’s fans are always amazed by her creativity, and this was no exception. She looked like a queen as she walked into the Met Gala 2024.

The gown was so heavy that Urfi couldn’t walk by herself. She needed the help of 3 to 5 people to get out of the Tempo. But once she was out, she stood tall on the stage, just like Cinderella. Urfi’s confidence is always on point, and she always knows how to carry herself, even in the most unusual outfits. It’s no wonder she’s the talk of the town!

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Urfi Javed's 100kg Blue Gown Outfit

How many days did it take to design Urfi Javed’s 100kg Blue Gown Outfit ?

In some viral videos, Urfi revealed that her dress weighed about 90 to 100 kilograms and took 3 to 4 months to put all together. It wasn’t the effort of just one person, though. A team of 10 to 12 people worked together, each adding their unique ideas to bring the dress to life.

Fans Reaction on Urfi Javed’s 100kg Blue Gown Outfit

Urfi’s fans were super excited to see her rocking another stunning outfit. She always surprises and wows her fans, and this time also. People shared their opinions on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) about how much they loved her bold fashion sense.

In the fashion world, Urfi Javed keeps breaking the rules and trying new things with her fearless fashion choices. Every time she steps out, she leaves everyone amazed.

Video is shared by instantbollywood on Instagram. Watch here.

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