More than 1 lakh People visit the Ayodhya Ram Temple every day, Champat Rai said

Champat Rai, the general secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, shared that approximately 1 lakh people visit the newly built Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya Daily. Since the consecration ceremony of the idol on January 22.

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ANI shared this video on Twitter on 22nd April 2024.

Approximately 1.5 crore people have come for the ‘darshan’ of Ram Lalla

Rai mentioned that the temple welcomes over one lakh visitors daily, seeking blessings. “Each day, more than one lakh people come for a glimpse of the deity. Since the consecration on January 22, about 1.5 crore individuals have visited Ram Lalla,” Rai stated.

Champat Rai also shared plans for the temple complex, including six new temples dedicated to various deities like Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman. Once finished, the temple grounds will accommodate up to 25,000 pilgrims simultaneously, along with their belongings. This expansion aims to enhance the spiritual experience for devotees and provide adequate facilities for their comfort and convenience.

More than 1 lakh People visit the Ayodhya Ram Temple every day

A security wall of width 14 ft “Parkota” will be constructed around the temple

Also, the General Secretary announced a plan to build a 14-foot-wide security wall called ‘Parkota’ around the temple. He explained, “Right now, only the ground floor of the temple is finished, where the consecration of Ram Lalla happened. Construction is ongoing for the first floor. A 14-foot-wide security wall, known as ‘Parkota,’ will surround the temple.”

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He went on to describe how the ‘Parkota’ will serve various purposes, housing six more temples. “The ‘Parkota’ will be a multi-use space, featuring temples dedicated to Lord Shankar, Lord Surya, a ‘Garbhgriha,’ and temples for Lord Hanuman and Ma Annapurna. We’ll also build temples for Maharishi Valmiki, Maharishi Vashishtha, Maharishi Vishwamitra, and Maharishi Agastya. Additionally, temples honoring Nishad Raj, Ma Shabri, Ma Ahilya, and Jatayu will be constructed. With these additions, the temple will comfortably accommodate 25,000 pilgrims at once, along with their belongings,” he assured.

He talks about the importance of protecting the trees and plants, mentioning that there are currently 600 plants under safeguard. With water treatment and sewer treatment plants in place, the temple will be self-sustaining. “The temple will be independent, taking care of all its needs without depending on the people of Ayodhya,” he concluded.

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