Dolly ki Tapri Nagpur Celebrates 3m Instagram followers, Watch video

Dolly Chaiwala had a fantastic celebration recently! He marked a huge achievement by cutting a cake and posting a video on his Instagram page, “Dolly ki tapri Nagpur,”. He has achieved 3 million followers on his Instagram account! This joyous moment reflects Dolly’s incredible journey from a simple tea seller to an online sensation.

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Watch here the video.

Dolly ki Tapri Nagpur has 3m Followers Now

Dolly’s journey to fame began when he met Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft. Their meeting became famous, and lots of people noticed. People started following Dolly because they liked his friendly personality and tasty tea. Every day, more and more people started to like Dolly and his tea stall. Now, Dolly has millions of fans all around the world. Dolly’s followers will keep increasing, as he is too famous now. Dolly Chaiwala has 3M followers on his Instagram page “Dolly_ki _tapri_Nagpur”. Watch video.

Dolly Chaiwala Social Media Income

Dolly Chaiwala earns lakhs from Social Media. Dolly has crossed 3 million followers on Instagram and a lot of brands a giving sponsorships to Dolly. Many brands pay lakhs of rupees to emerging Instagram stars who have more than a million followers. 

Dolly has not revealed his actual income, but we can guess his estimated monthly Social Media income. As per reports, a social media influencer with more than 1 million followers usually charges 10 Lakhs of Rupees for one advertisement. Dolly currently has 3 million followers, which means he charges 25-30 Lakhs per month for one advertisement. If he is only doing 2 advertisements for a month, then he supposedly making more than 50 lakhs of rupees per month. 

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At the same time, he earns between 2500 to 3500 rupees per day from selling tea. Each cup of tea costs Rs. 7 (now it can be Rs. 10), and he sells between 400 to 500 cups of tea throughout the day. So, Dolly Chaiwala’s estimated monthly income from Selling tea can be somewhere between 80000 to 125000 Indian rupees.

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