Dolly Chaiwala served tea to Haryana CM Nayab Singh Saini, Watch Video

The Internet is amazing! It can make anyone famous in no time. Just look at Dolly Chaiwala. He became a star because people loved his special way of serving tea. Thanks to the Internet, he’s now a sensation online. Recently, he got to serve tea to the Chief Minister of Haryana, Nayab Singh Saini.

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Dolly Chaiwala also served tea to Haryana CM Nayab Singh Saini

Dolly, the beloved Chaiwala of the internet, had a special moment when he served tea to Haryana’s CM, Nayab Singh Saini. He shared a video of this delightful encounter, and it’s capturing a lot of attention online.

The heartwarming event took place in Gurugram on April 24th, and it seems everyone, including the CM, thoroughly enjoyed the tea. Social media is abuzz with praise for Dolly’s latest accomplishment.

Since gaining fame online, Dolly has been experiencing much success. Recently, he even had the opportunity to savor tea at the top of Burj Khalifa during a trip to Dubai.

List of famous people who have had tea from Dolly Chaiwala till now

Recently, Dolly had tea with the CM of Haryana. Not long ago, singer Asees Kour also enjoyed tea from Dolly’s stall. He’s had the honour of serving tea to many other famous people, like Sohail Khan. Dolly’s unique tea-serving style has become a hit on the internet. And let’s not forget, the first famous person to try Dolly’s tea was Bill Gates himself, which brought Dolly into the spotlight.

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