World’s longest Twin-lane Tunnel Sela Tunnel, PM Modi to Inaugurate today, About Sela Tunnel.

World’s longest Twin-lane Tunnel Sela Tunnel:-In a special event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the Sela Tunnel, the world’s longest twin-lane tunnel connecting Tezpur to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

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This amazing engineering feat, located at a high elevation of 13,000 feet, is a big step forward in improving connectivity and accessibility to the remote regions of Arunachal Pradesh.

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PM Modi to Inaugurate World’s longest Twin-lane Tunnel Sela Tunnel today

The big opening ceremony happened on Saturday, 9 March 2024, with Prime Minister Modi taking charge. This event was a crucial part of the ‘Viksit Bharat Viksit North East’ program’, showing how the government is focusing on making the northeastern states better in every way.

They set it all up around 10:30 am in Itanagar – the capital city. It wasn’t just about celebrating the Sela Tunnel; it was also a time to kick off a bunch of other projects in Arunachal Pradesh.

One of these is the UNNATI scheme, and get this – it comes with a whopping budget of ₹10,000 crore.

That’s a huge amount of money set aside to make things better and more awesome in Arunachal Pradesh. It’s like giving the place a big boost, making sure there’s a lot of good stuff happening for the people who live there.

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Details about World’s longest Twin-lane Tunnel Sela Tunnel

Up in the mountains, at a super high spot of 13,000 feet, we’ve got the Sela Tunnel. It’s not just any tunnel – it’s like a smart creation using modern skills and plans.

The Border Roads Organisation spent a whopping ₹825 crore to build this cool thing, which isn’t just one tunnel but two, plus two roads covering 8.6 km in total.

Tunnel 1 is 1,003 meters long, and Tunnel 2 is 1,595-meter twin-tube tunnel.

World’s longest Twin-lane Tunnel Sela Tunnel

Together, they make the longest twin-lane tunnel anywhere in the world.

Now, let’s talk about how many cars and trucks can zoom through this tunnel every day – a whole lot! Picture this: 3,000 cars and 2,000 trucks.

And they can zip through at a speedy 80 Kmph. That means everyone gets to where they’re going pretty darn fast.

The Sela Tunnel is close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC), making it a big player in strategic moves. It helps weapons, soldiers, and equipment get where they need to be in a flash.

Imagine it like a secret pathway that gets things where they’re needed most in no time.

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