Through Bilateral Hand Transplant 45 Years Old Man gets back his hand in Delhi

Bilateral Hand Transplant: Raj Kumar, a 45-year-old painter from New Delhi, got a chance for new hands through a special surgery.

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This surgery happened on March 5th, 2024. It was a big deal for the city’s doctors. Raj got his new hands because Meena Mehta, a 60-year-old lady who had passed away, promised her organs to help others like Raj.

To know more about how 45 years old man gets back his two hands by Bilateral Hand Transplant in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, then read further in details.

Raj Kumar gets back his hand through Bilateral Hand Transplant

The doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi did the hand transplant surgery. They worked for more than 12 hours, carefully connecting Raj’s new hands.

This was a big success and showed how far medical science has come. The hospital started doing hand transplants in February 2023, being the first in northern India to do so. This shows they are serious about helping people like Raj.

Meena Mehta’s decision to donate her organs was a very kind thing to do. It gave Raj the chance to use his hands again. Her act of kindness gave Raj a new purpose in life. She will always be remembered for bringing hope and happiness to others.

In February 2023, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital became the pioneer hospital in northern India and was allowed to do hand transplants, as mentioned by the senior doctor.

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The patient is scheduled to leave Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Thursday, 7th March 2024, after almost six weeks of care there.

How did Raj Kumar lose his hand?

Raj Kumar was a Painter. He is 45 Years Old. He is getting ready for a fresh start in his life, free from the difficulties of his sad past. His story goes back to a day in 2020 when he had a terrible accident while crossing train tracks near his home in Nangloi.

The accident took away his arms, making him rely on others for even simple things.

Dr Mahesh Mangal, who is in charge of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, talks about Raj’s challenges and how the accident changed his life.

Bilateral Hand Transplant

After the accident, Raj had to face many difficulties in adapting to life without his hands. It was a big change for him, and he had to learn to cope with it.

Dear friends,Delhi painter get back his two hands after Bilateral Hand Transplant. Everyone may be not. So don’t cross the railway track,cross through only the over bridge.

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