Vivek Bindra Income: Vivek Bindra’s shocking income for 2023-24

Vivek Bindra Income: Vivek Bindra earns crores of rupees from the above 4 sources. If you know Vivek Bindra income and how much he earns from each source, you will be shocked. Let us tell the income of each one.Vivek Bindra’s Income Sources are here

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  1. Motivational speaking and workshop
  2. Books
  3. Bada Business Private Limited
  4. Youtube

Vivek Bindra Income: How much income from which source?

Income from Motivational Speaking and Workshops: Vivek Bindra earns a very high income from Motivational Speaking and Workshops.

He is invited as a guest speaker in big corporate events or conferences and this is his income. He charges at least Rs 14 lakh for a live workshop.

Vivek Bindra Book Income: Books written by Vivek Bindra on entrepreneurship and business management, such as “10 Rules for Success” and “Winning the Table of Life” are sold very well in India. He also earns a huge amount from Books.

Bada Business Private Limited Income: Vivek Bindra’s main source of income is his company Bada Business Private Limited. Vivek Bindra’s company BADA Business Pvt Ltd provides training and consultancy programs for executives.

For different categories of people, Bada Business offers a private limited course ranging between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000.

A very famous program for big business is the 10-day MBA, which costs Rs 50 thousand. But after the controversy of Sandeep Maheshwari, now it is free. According to the financial report of 2022-23,the income of BADA Business Pvt Ltd is 172 Crores.

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Vivek Bindra Income

Vivek Bindra’s YouTube Income: Vivek Bindra has a YouTube channel named “Dr. Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker”.

He earns a huge amount of money from his YouTube channel. As of today, he has 21.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Motivational videos about business ideas are posted on the YouTube channel. Every video of his channel gets millions of views. According to Social Blade, the earnings of Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel are between Rs 77 lakh to Rs 12 crores.

Vivek Bindra Income: The Net worth of Vivek Bindra is here

Vivek Bindra’s net worth in 2023-24 is around 11 million dollars i.e. 90 crore rupees in Indian currency.

The net worth comes from the income from his Bada business Pvt Ltd, his YouTube channel, and the motivational speeches he gives. Friends, are you shocked to know about Vivek Bindra’s Income or not? Let us know by commenting.

The biography of  Vivek Bindra is here

Who is Vivek Bindra: Vivek Bindra is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, leadership consultant, and successful business coach as well as the co-founder and CEO of a large business company.

His YouTube channel is the world’s largest entrepreneur YouTube channel. He has changed the lives of millions of people through different platforms.

He participates in big seminars, where he inspires people to move ahead in life. Vivek Bindra gives powerful motivational speeches, he talks about the merits of business, profits, and losses of business. Vivek Bindra has a fan following all over the world.

They have around 1,500 customers spread across 25 countries. He is working towards empowering Indian businesses by sharing management solutions derived from Srimad Bhagavad Geeta.

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He won the Best Leadership Trainer Award from Dr. Marshall Goldsmith at the World HRD Congress 2016. He was awarded an honorary Ph.D. Philosophy degree and Doctoral degree from OIUM University of Colombo.

Vivek Bindra’s Family and Wife: Vivek Bindra’s father died when Vivek was 5 years old and after his father’s death, his mother remarried.

His first wife was Geetika Sabharwal. Later he divorced his first wife. On 6 December 2023, Vivek Bindra married his second wife Yanika Bindra.

Why Vivek Bindra is called Doctor: Vivek Bindra became Dr. Vivek Bindra after receiving a doctorate degree in Philosophy from the ‘Open International University for Complementary Medicine’ located in Sri Lanka.

The university webpage does not open. However, the purpose has been accomplished and his name has been prefixed with Dr.

Where is Vivek Bindra from: Vivek Bindra was born on 5 April 1982 in Delhi. He lives in Sector-94 Supernova Society, Noida. He did his schooling at St. Xavier’s School, Delhi. He went to Amity Business College, Noida to complete his MBA.

Vivek Bindra’s Age: Dr. Vivek Bindra was born on 5 April 1982. His age is currently 41 years as of 2023.

Vivek Bindra vs Sandeep Maheshwari Controversy

Friends, Vivek Bindra has been in a lot of controversies for some days. This controversy is quite viral on social media. Sometimes on the issue of assault on his wife and sometimes on controversy with Sandeep Maheshwari. 

Some people had bought a business course from Vivek Bindra by paying Rs 50,000. But there was no business course in that course. The same people had gone to attend Sandeep Maheshwari’s session.

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There in front of the camera, they told Sandeep Maheshwari about the course worth Rs 50 thousand. There was nothing like that in the same course which was priced at Rs 50 thousand which is a very high price.

Which can be called a type of scam. He was looting money from the public in the name of selling business courses.

Sandeep Maheshwari has published this video on YouTube. When everyone came to know about Vivek Bindra selling scam courses.

Vivek Bindra asked Sandeep Maheshwari to remove the exposed video from YouTube, But Sandeep Maheshwari did not remove the video.

Then a controversy started between Vivek Bindra and Sandeep Maheshwari. Friends, we are advising you to know about any course thoroughly before purchasing it and only then buy it.

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