Stand UP For Human Rights:10th December-Celebrate Human Rights Day

 We don’t know the exact year of the evolution of the Earth. Some say it is millions of years old and some people believe more than that.

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In the same way, the evolution of human beings is also not known. It is believed that the creator of the whole universe is one universal power that is “God “. It is the power that has created everything around us. A human being is also one of them. 

The God or the creator gave us the power to speak, smell, feel, think, etc. God did so that we can live happily and peacefully. A human being is considered a social animal. Being social animals we have the right to enjoy everything which is provided by nature.

Human Rights Day

 We started considering ourselves as another creator of the world. After the evolution of the human being the whole earth was divided into different parts with different 

leaders or kings. Every king or leader was governed by a group of people. They had to follow the instructions whatever their leader or king used to give them.

 As per History, the whole period has been divided into three stages Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. Each phase has its own identity.

As the civilization changed the people also changed from time to time and they started building their own country. They started following their own religion and culture.

Why Is Human Rights Day Celebrated On 10th December

The whole world was divided into different languages and communities. The world is divided into continents like Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, North America, South America, and Africa.

The people started developing their countries by making industries, arms, and ammunition, the iron and steel industry was set up, and many more.   

The discovery of arms and bombs brought a drastic change in the minds of the rulers. As time passed the ruler of the country tried to expand their territory.

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They started attacking the neighboring countries to become more powerful. This cruelty brought a drastic change in the minds of other countries.

In this way, the whole world was suffering from war. There was a lot of suffering around the world. No one was there to take care of the people’s sufferings.

 After seeing all this a group of nations came into action and decided to build a security council. This security council is known as UNO.

It was formed after the Second World War. Its motive was to bring peace and security among the nations. The council decided to form “Human Rights Day “.

On the 10th of December, 1948 the UN assembly decided to celebrate this day for the sake and welfare of humans. After that several programs was launched to safeguard the right of human around the world.

Theme For Human Rights Day 10th December

It was not an easy job for the members of the Assembly to come at one point. But it was a matter of humans who were suffering outside. There were a lot of bloodshed.

The small kids lost their parents, some people lost their jobs, and some lost their families. The condition was very painful. They never knew they would have to face all this one day.

After a lot of discussions, the General Assembly had a meeting for the human being. They did this so that we could get Equal Rights, Justice for All, Dignity, and Freedom.

The members thought if the war continues then the human being will reach the stage of existence. The future will be black.

They spread a strong message after forming this body. They wanted the whole world should live a peaceful life. 

No one in society should be humiliated based on color, caste, creed, or religion. Everyone has an equal right to enjoy their fundamental rights.

If anyone tries to violate then he/she will be put on trial. To bring peace among the nation every political leader joined their hands. They gave speeches and slogans to get a brighter future for the next generation. 

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Human Rights Day

Important To Stand Up For Human Rights, 10th Dec

To understand the basic needs and equality in society one must stand for human rights. When the UN released the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it became one of the most important documents.

It is considered for the basic equality and dignity for the human right. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who still don’t have these necessities. Human Rights is for this kind of people who desperately need them and who can fight for their rights.

If we look at the past history the humiliation was done by certain groups of communities to bring them down at any cost. The concept is very clear, Human Right empowers people to fight for their dignity.

They can, not only demand it from society but also from the workplace. 

Human Right also empowers a certain kind of group of people who cannot raise their voices against the brutality done by the government. There are some communities in society that are still facing problems in getting their rights.

Religious violence and oppression are the other problems faced by certain groups of communities.

Religious and spiritual belief is acknowledged by the Human Right. It does not allow anyone to violate their belief. 

In India it is known as NHRC (National Human Rights Commission), it was formed in the year 1950, to safeguard human rights. When this was implemented it gave big hope to the people of the lower community to fight for their dignity.

In India, after independence, we can see a big change in the mindset of the people.

Earlier there were some communities in the society who used to rule over the weaker section or the lower caste people. In India, there was a system like untouchability prevailing in the society. 

How do you stand up for human rights?

Education is one of the major factors which can help us to create more and more awareness in society. During the Second World War, the use of nuclear weapons broke all the parameters of Human Rights

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We need to raise our voices against any illegal work going on in our society. We have to wake up the people and teach them the importance of it. This can only be done if we stand united together and bring the society to reframe their motives. 

We need to respect the Declaration made by the Security Council and also need to follow the rules strictly. We will have to make some solid groundwork so that no one can go against it.

There will be a lot of challenges coming up while working on this. But we have to solve this with great patience and enthusiasm. 

To strengthen this we have to come up with big ideas and inventions to deal with such kinds of Rights. It cannot be achieved in one day, to build a better future we need to sow the seeds today.

The seed should be of Faith, Trust, Rules, Moral Values, etc. We will have to be very specific and loud and clear. The message should go around the world to save the Human Genes.

If this works then we win the battle. This is going to consume a lot of time but the point is we are going to work for the betterment of the society.

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