Honoring Farmers 23rd December Celebrating Kisan Divas

Kisan Divas:-The country known for its heritage, culture, and diversity, is India. As we know India was under Britishers. They did not have the knowledge of anything.

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As time changed the living conditions and the mode of communication also changed. The people were not much educated in the past.

The change in time brought great transformation in the society. In the past people used to feed themselves by killing and hunting wild animals.

It was very risky and dangerous for them because they did not have weapons to hunt the wild animals. Sometimes during hunting, they had to lose their life, it was a big challenge for them to survive.

As we know there is no evidence in history of how the evolution of farmers took place in society. It is believed that some grains of rice seeds of grams etc. were accidentally gotten by the people.

These crops were started to be cultivated near water bodies. It was found that the seeds that were sown in the field grew into big grass-like structures after a few months.

They plucked them from them took out the seeds and ate them. The seeds’ taste does not change because it was not properly cooked.

The invention of fire inspired them to cook small pieces of raw rice. When they started cooking, they came to know about the taste. In the later stage, they started cultivating crops along with hunting.

And the farming of crops gradually started from that period of time.

23rd December-Kisan Divas Theme

When the world came to know about farming, they started it in abundance. They required different tools for farming to meet their daily need. So, they started making different tools from wood like ploughs, carts, wheels, etc.

The inventions brought new hope for the farmers, earlier they used to cultivate a small part of the land and later they started cultivating in big fields.

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They did so to get more and more productivity. They not only started cultivating Paddy and Wheat but also started cultivating almost all the crops till the time they came to know about it.

This brought a big change in the lives of farmers as they started selling it because they did not have enough space to store them. Selling the extra crop to other people could solve the problem instead of wasting it.

During that period, they did not have money to buy or purchase any commodity. So, they started the “Barter System” which means the exchange of good to good.

So, the farmers started exchanging goods with other goods and in this way, progress started in the life of farmers.

In India, farming has become the backbone as it is practiced in a large part of our country. The farmers get maximum support, and all the modern technologies are available to them.

Indian farmer grows all types of crops as India has got moderate type of climate and the soil also differs from place to place.

The natural vegetation of India is very healthy as we can see some big rivers flowing through. This makes Indian farmers in producing more food grains.

India celebrates 23rd December as National Kisan Divas, to honor the farmers. In memory of our 5th Prime Minister, we observe this day in the whole country.

Why 23rd Dec is celebrated as Kisan Divas

As we know Late Shree Charan Singh was the Prime Minister of India, he was born in 1902 on 23rd December, at Noorpur in Uttar Pradesh. This small town is located in the district of Meerut.

Sri Charan Singh was very honest and hard working from his childhood, Shri Charan Singh was from a peasant and middle-class family. He graduated in science and did post-graduation from Agra University. He also studied Law and started practice in Ghaziabad.

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Shri Charan Singh was elected to the U.P legislative assembly as he was a big social reformer and helped the needy. After becoming the cabinet minister in the State, Shri Charan Singh was a minister of Revenue and Agriculture, in the cabinet of Dr. Sampurnanand.

In the later stage, he did many great things for the benefit of the society.

Shri Charan Singh was completely against nepotism and corruption, he never favored or entertained those people in the cabinet. He was one of the major and prominent workers for the U.P cabinet to give fruitful results.

Later he became a great supporter of poor farmers because during this period the condition of the farmers was very poor in India. The poor farmer was under a huge debt of Zamindars, Landlords, etc. So, decided to follow in the footsteps of India’s second Prime Minister Late Lal Bahadur Shastri who gave the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”.

He not only worked for the poor farmer but also abolished the Zamindari system from India. Sri Charan Singh not only felt the pain of farmers but also supported them in their needs.

He knew that farmers are the backbone of India and if they do not get support from the government then the condition will be very pathetic.

Kisan Divas

Schemes of Government for the Farmers

One of the best scheme for Farmers is PM Kishan Samman Nidhi Yojna which is launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is effected from 01.12.2018.

In this scheme, farmers get financial support of Rs.6000 per year on an installment basis. The farmers get Rs.2000 per installment.

Government Support for the Improvement of Farmer

Yes, it is true that without the help of the government, the Indian farmer cannot progress. The support of the government will help the farmers to overcome their life fears.

The government has given other facilities like Soil health cards, Neem coated Urea, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, and many more.

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The farmers of India also need better education facilities because they are being gentle by nature and get cheated everywhere. The government has started educating the farmers in all the fields of farming.

Many NGOs and Social workers have joined to make the lives of the farmers prosper. India is one of the highest producers of food grains in the world, so the Indian government has to facilitate the farmers with all aid.

The farmers are the future of our country, and they give equal support to the country’s economy along with the other sectors of society. It is the backbone of the Indian Economy. 

If the farmers stop growing crops, then the country will starve with hunger and the economy will be affected.

We can see that there are a lot of countries in the world that are dependent on other countries for food grain. Our neighboring countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, etc. are dependent on other countries.

Some European and Asian countries also facing the same problem. The Indian government has taken many initiatives to promote the secure life of the farmers.

The government is doing so because it knows if the farmer’s life is hampered then the economy of the country will crash. So, it is not the duty of our government but also ours. For a better future, we have to support the Indian Farmers.

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