Fast Food as Curse To The Society

The word “Fast Food “ itself says that the food is available in bulk form. This is This is sold in packages for takeaway. Although the history of fast food is very old the exact date and year are not known. Europeans were considered as a real origin.

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There is no evidence found in Indian history. At first the term “Fast Food “was used in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary in 1951. There is no evidence of a particular fast food launch in the market.

It is believed that the hamburger” was the introductory part and it was introduced by Mr. Ronald McDonald in the USA in the year 1940.

At first, the loaf of bread was dressed with some green veggies and they put some salt and other spices to make it more tastier.

Later the shape and size of the burger changed with some pieces of flesh of chicken, goat, and other animal was used.

This was sold by the street vendors at first and the people used to eat them with great pleasure.

It became their primary choice during that period. The Americans showed their interest in fast food very much. The Americans found this as the cheapest way of leading a life without any concern. This was the era of the fast food.

Theme Of Fast Food

It is believed that the fast food was like a boon for the Americans. The reason is a large number of wage workers in the society. This helped them in feeding and wasting time cooking. Most of the people didn’t know how to cook and fast food was a big solution for them.

It was not only consumed by the wagers but also by commuters and travelers. As time kept changing the variety and taste of fast food also changed along with the time. More than a hundred varieties of fast food is available in the market.

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Some of the commonly used fast food are Burger, Pizzas, Spring rolls, Pastas, Hot dogs, Noodles, etc. The fast food has captured the Asian Market along with the European market.

It has left a big patch mark on the market as the new competitors also joined with McDonald’s, Like Pizza Hut, Domino, KFC, Swiggy, etc.

Why do people Love Fast Food?

This is a big question mark on the face of the society. After long research, it was found that people are ready to pay anything for their pleasure and enjoyment. And fast food is one of them, it gives them a kind of enjoyment after consuming it.

This fast food contains trans fat, sugar, calories, saturated fat, etc. This is very harmful for  human health. The people are not concerned about their health. Just for the taste they are ready to compromise with such kind of toxic food.

Today as the world is progressing the taste in food and nature is also changing very rapidly. People have become very busy in the race of life to achieve their goals.

The fastest change in the lifestyle of the human being has brought this kind of food product to the market.

 Now it has become one of the greatest needs for every human being. Fast food is not only liked by children but also loved by every age of people. Today it has become a necessity for society.

Effect Of Fast Food In Society

In India, fast food has become very popular. It is believed that it has covered nearly 15% of the Indian market In India the chain of fast food is growing very rapidly .

Total revenue generated by this industry is USD 690.21 million. Several outlets have been opened in India to meet the customer’s needs. The need has become so intense that sometimes it becomes hard to meet the customer’s needs.

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In India also we have got several outlets to meet the customer’s needs like the rest of the world. Nowadays these food companies provide online order systems to facilitate their customer.

These food companies provide free home delivery services to retain their customers. They even give the guarantee of reaching the customer within half an hour to build customer rapport.

As we see rapid change in the lifestyle of humans in Indian society, the number of several diseases are also increasing. The immunity system of the people is badly affected by regular consumption of these foods.

Today we can see cases of heart attack, blood sugar, eye problems, memory loss, and many more. This was earlier found in people of a certain age.

But now it is common with the kids and the young age people. Fast food has taken a special place in the menu of food. Without fast food, we cannot conduct parties, marriages, functions, etc.

Fast Food

Role Of Society In Reducing Fast Food Consumption

Today we have entered to 21st century and progressed a lot. We have also started competing with the rest of the world. But along with that, we have forgotten our prime duty towards our family and society.

The reason for the rapid growth of fast food in India is that people are becoming very ambitious.

It is not at all bad for being ambitious but forgetting our duties towards family is very painful and unacceptable. In India, generally, we see this kind of case in the metro cities.

The root is slowly and gradually spreading towards the small towns and villages.

In metro cities, the middle class has to work very hard to run their home. Capable people are also becoming careless about this. The rich people of our country are less bothered by what is served at the dining table.

They just lead a luxurious life. For them spending money lavishly is their aim without any concern.

Steps to Reduce Fast Food Consumption

The day is not far when the whole of society will fall sick with different kinds of diseases. Today people are forgetting the taste of homemade food like Curry, Rice, green vegetables, etc. The parents are becoming less cautious about the health of their loved ones.

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They also love to serve fast food in the lunch box of their children. They do so because it saves their time and also it is easily available from the market.

Today we think we are progressing but on the other hand, we are losing our most valuable things. Once this valuable thing is lost will not be gained again. We are paying a high price for the love of other food. We can keep healthy our family and our loved ones.

We just need to change the habit then things will change. If we want to build a strong society or strong country we have to change ourselves.

Everyone wants a healthy and bright future. But for that, we have to give up these kinds of habits which are very harmful to us. The clock is ticking and it is wakening time. We have to make some strong decisions to build our bright future.

Food cannot be a curse unless and until we make it our habit. So let’s make a promise to ourselves not to get habituated to junk food. And also not to compromise with our health.

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