Celebrating The Beauty of Numbers: 22nd December National Mathematics Day

22nd December National Mathematics Day: Life started its existence on earth, human was lacking in many fields, and Mathematics is one of them. Earlier they don’t have knowledge about it.

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It was very difficult to make any kind of calculation for them. As time progressed humans got the knowledge of speaking and communicating with each other.

22nd December National Mathematics Day Theme

The main theme of Mathematics Day is to make people aware of its importance and benefits. Today people cannot survive without the help of mathematics. It has become one of the most essential parts of every human being. It has become the backbone of every industry.

As the countries progressed, the Literature and the Subjects also changed. There was a huge demand for mathematics in the society to make calculations.

American scientist and writer Archimedes gave birth to Mathematics which brought a kind of light to society.

After the birth of Mathematics, it became easier for people to make any calculation. Archimedes calculating theory was a bit longer, which made it boring for some of the people.

They did not find it interesting as the equations were very lengthy. Instead of learning they use to heart the complete theory. It was very difficult for them to do so.

As time passed in the 18th century a boy was born in India in a small village of Tamil Nadu in 1887, his name was Srinivas Ramanujan. He was born on 22nd December 1887.

So, from this day onwards we celebrate National Mathematics Day, on 22nd December every year. He was born into a poor Brahmin family, but his keen interest in Mathematics took him to the top of the world.

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Srinivas Ramanujan used to simplify all the lengthiest theories in just a few lines. He grew up so brilliant that he was able to solve the question of higher classes while he was in the lower section.

He did not have an interest in any other subjects, except Mathematics. This was his curiosity from childhood.

22nd December National Mathematics Day Importance

Ramanujan solved those mathematical equations which were unsolved at one stage. He gave significant mathematical analysis and was considered a “Gifted Mathematician”.

Every question in math was like a playable toy for him. He not only grew up as a mathematician but also added many topics to it. He gave Pure and Applied Mathematics, Geometrical and Algebraic Equations, etc.

As like a food Mathematics is now one of the basic necessities of every human prospect. It has got great importance in society and has become a fundamental part of society.

It gives an effective way of building a career and also encourages mental Discipline to understand the logical reason.

Today it has become so essential that it is used in each and every field, like cooking food, finance, puzzle solving, telling time, etc.

It has given us an opportunity to stand with the rest part of the world, with Dignity. We should not let it go in casual way.

As we need bread and butter to end our hunger, as we need oxygen to respire, same way Mathematics is also needed to survive in society. Genius like Ramanujan is hardly born in society.

He had great interest at the age of 15, in learning and practicing mathematics. People like him are hard to find who has got such brilliant minds, it’s not that we don’t have them, but the thing is that we need to implement it in a better way.

Focus on the subject matter to deal with it in a better way.

What Are the 22nd December National Mathematics Day Discussions

Discussions and Queries are never-ending matters, one goes the other comes. Mathematical Discussion can never be ending because people are talking about theories, inventions, Reasoning, etc with different ideas.

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Everyone’s thinking and ideas cannot be the same as each other, it’s different from person to person. Every person has a different point of view with different subjects.

To resolve the query, people need extra care and effort, also to make kind of relation between two opponents or topics. This will help them to establish extended discussion and the use of group dialogue can create independent discussion among themselves.

In the past Mathematics was one of the major concerns of Research, from time to time it has different concepts with the same output.

We can take the example of Ramanujan, who solved the longer theories in just a few lines, but the answer was the same. The researchers have put their effort to make mathematics interesting and easy.

Discussion on certain topics in the classroom, sometimes the student doesn’t understand the topic. They find it hard, same thing discuss with their friends or other colleague helps them to understand the problem.

It is believed that the students who experience equitable relations in the classroom will learn to respect each other. This will also create an opportunity to extend their lives after school.

22nd December National Mathematics Day

How can We Provide Math Education on National Mathematics Day

Improvement is required in every field of study. We need to bring some live examples in the classroom to make the topic more interesting and exciting.

Especially in a subject like Mathematics, it is desperately needed because some of the students still find it tougher than any other subject. Steps can be taken to ensure them the better aspects of Mathematics.

In today’s world Mathematics has become the root of success. We need to be very careful in sequencing Mathematical ideas – what is taught to whom and when?

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 We also need to see what and how the teachers are handling the students. We know that all students will not get a good percentage, but the point is to make them need it in society and in the future.

As we know the father of Mathematics is Archimedes, likewise the inventor of “Zero” was Aryabhata. He was one of the most intelligent people. Aryabhata was a great Astronomer and well-renowned personality.

He is considered as the Father of Indian Mathematics. He discovered theories on Pi, Trigonometry, and Place value systems.

We know all the people cannot be geniuses, as all the fingers of our hand is not the same. We have to build confidence and encourage the students to ask frequent questions when they fall behind.

Slogan for 22nd December National Mathematics Day

To build a better career a student also needs to participate equally with the teacher. Clapping with a single palm will not produce any sound until both palms come in contact with together.  

Earlier there were a lot of problems in the schools, like Teaching Aids, Good Faculty, Good Infrastructure, etc. Now the time has changed and we have everything to achieve in our life.

 “Mathematics And Science made life fearful and Boring,

 Without them the life will be very Scaring,

 And both of them makes life very Secure and Carrying”.

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