Building a Corrupt Free Future: 9th Dec-International Anti Corruption Day

9th Dec-International Anti Corruption Day: Today the world is facing a lot of disturbance due to rapid growth in the crime rate like Drugs, Women trafficking, Arms, ammunition and etc.

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UNO on 31st October 2003 decided to take some strong steps to stop this kind of activity. The Assembly designated 9th December 2005 as International Anti-Corruption Day.

To raise awareness about corruption and other illegal activities going around the world.

The Assembly also took the responsibility to safeguard the dignity of each and every country against corruption.

Corruption not only attacks the foundation of a democratic country but also stops that particular country from progressing.

There are many countries in the world whose crime rate is very low and also they are corruption-free. We need to follow them and their rules to become one of the uncorrupted nations in the world. 

Theme of 9th Dec-International Anti Corruption Day

The main motive behind making this day is to spread awareness about corruption among the people and society to follow the righteous path. One can only do this when they understand one another’s need .

As we know whole countries are not the same and they do not follow the same religion or culture, all the countries are different in every aspect.

So we need to respect the religion and culture of all the countries around the world. Along with these, we have to be alert from our neighbouring countries. They may try to do some kind of nuisance activity to bring down the development of the country.

Here  I would like to set an example, for India and Pakistan, China always tries to put India into some kind of controversy, so that the growth of the country can be stopped.

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Today India is not only one of the fastest-growing countries but also it has become one of the most economically growing countries in the world.

Why is Corruption happening?

Most of the evidence indicates that corruption has existed for thousands of years. But in the recent past, it has been noticed that there is a rapid growth in corruption.

The following factors are some of the main root causes of corruption lack of transparency in work, weakness in judicial and legislative system, taxation, penalty system, bribery, higher level of political monopolization, and greed for money and power.

People all around the world talk about the eradication of corruption but it cannot be done unless and until these causes are prevailing in around the world. One can stop this .

An underdeveloped country , India has a quite high illiteracy rate with 281 million people being uneducated.

Due to this also people in India get into such kind of activity which is why the rate of corruption is high in India. People in India also malpractice to reach their goal

How do we build a Corrupt-free future?

This is one of the biggest and toughest questions for all of us. To become corrupt first of all, a person has to be honest with himself, there is a proverb that “ charity begins from home “ it has to be started from ourselves. Like the freedom of a country, e.g India, many people sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country.

Mangal Pandey started the freedom fight. And later on, it moved from one state to another.

In the later stage, Gandhiji joined hands in the freedom fight , and freedom was achieved . Likewise, we also have to start a mass movement then only it can be eradicated from society.

We have to educate the people about the bad effects of corruption on people and on society so that it cannot be practiced in the latter part of the coming year.

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The future of society and of our children is in our hands whether to put it into the wrong hands or to make it a corrupt free nation. To build a bright future we have to take initiatives so survival can become better.

9th Dec-International Anti Corruption Day

Steps should be taken by Government to reduce corruption:-

This will be a big benchmark for any government if it get successful in controlling corruption. The government should go for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals ).Many parts of the country practice this kind of activity. In India, we should also follow the same thing to overcome this issue.

This will not only bring down the corruption rate but also the economy of the country will improve. The government should implement such kind of activity as soon as possible.

The duty of the SDGs will be to track the record of those people who are engaged in such kinds of activities. In India, the two major areas of concern is political corruption and money laundering, both of which badly affect the economy of the country.

During the time of the election, the political leaders use the money to get the maximum number of votes. They use large amounts of black money is laundered during the election. This kind of activity should be stopped in our society.

If the government appoints the SDG then there will kind of threat always be a threat in the minds of the corrupted people. The SDG will act as a check meter for them, from time to time they will keep a check on them.

The politician easily lure the poor people of India for a small amount of money. They do not think of the future they just need bread and butter to survive.

Role of Society to Make Corrupt Free Future

The human being is a social animal and it cannot live far away from its society. Sooner or later such kind of activity gets into or, in a simple way , gets influenced by the other people.

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In India, every person wants to get as rich. As they can, and for that, they are ready to pay any price in a legal or illegal way. They perform this activity just to satisfy their want.

The people are forgetting the moral values. They think that they are not for the nation or society, the nation is for them and the nation owes them. People need extra vigilance to understand the importance of the moral values.

People need to respect each other feelings and pain to overcome this kind of hazardous evil in society. In India, there is also a feeling of casteism in the society which is one of the major concerns.

A country will only develop when it stops this kind of activity. There should be transparency in every aspect of life. To safeguard the future we have to improve our present to sustain a good and healthy life for ourselves and society.

The day will come when the people will say no to “corruption” and will lead a peaceful and healthy life. It is the time to wake from sleep or the time will run away.

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