14th December-Celebrating National Energy Conservation Day-A Green Initiative

National Energy Conservation Day: Every year on 14th December, we celebrate National Energy Conservation Day to green initiation. Let’s know the National Energy Conservation Day Theme, History, Importance, and more about it in detail.

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History of 14th Dec-National Energy Conservation Day

Nature has given us everything but it is up to us to how to utilize it. Nature is full of natural resources but we are not able to make the best use of it.

We know that we have got a lot from nature and we should know the best utilization of it. We also know that whatever the resources are there is in limited form.

It has to be used very carefully. Unless we are not aware of the facts we will not care for the resources. So the government decided for some strong steps.

This Day was one of the basic necessities for the people. The main motive was to make the best use of electricity. The main objective was to make people aware to reduce the use of energy and ask them to use it effectively.

The government then decided to run a power efficiency program. In this way, the 14th December 1991 was selected as National Energy Conservation Day.

This program was run by the Union Minister under the “Bureau of Energy Efficiency “(BEE). Every year on this date we celebrate this as an energy conservation day.

Now the country has progressed a lot in every mean. Earlier there was a shortage of electricity. After the building of this Bureau, every city and village has been connected by electricity.

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Today we hardly see any kind of power cut. Even in the rural areas, the supply of electricity is sufficient. Going further the government took initiatives to prevent the limited mineral resources, to last it longer.

Theme of 14th National Energy Conservation Day

After Independence, there was a huge demand for electricity. The government asked the officials to run a program on cost efficiency which can save large amounts of revenue. But also, to save the natural resource.

A lot of people participated in this program. In the year 2021, it was celebrated under the theme of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”.

A lot of schools organize competitions like painting, science exhibitions, drama, etc. to promote the best utilization of Energy.

Several award functions are also held on this occasion just to bring awareness among the people. BEE also helps the government by sharing its ideas, on how to make the program more successful on this occasion.

It is our prime duty to conserve natural resources as much as we can. Our upcoming generation will face a lot of problems if we do not care today.

Today we have got enough from nature and this has to be sustained carefully. We cannot imagine our life without Electricity. It has become an important part of our life.

By conserving energy, we not only save our lives but also, we increase the life of the Earth. Many other sources have been found like Hydro Power, Coal Power Plant, Nuclear Power Plant, Solar Energy, etc. To meet the daily requirement of the energy.

Importance Of 14th Dec-National Energy Conservation Day

As we know all human beings is different in every aspect. Everyone has their own responsibility, but there are very few who understand it.

Along with personal problems, we have to think about our national property which can benefit other citizens. The main importance is to create awareness among the people.

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14th Dec was chosen as National Energy Conservation Day to save as much energy as we can. Earlier people were not aware of the importance of energy conservation.

When the government started taking the initiative by conducting different welfare programs, the people also joined their hands in it.

The people who are living in the cities know the importance of the Energy. But there are some rural areas where they don’t bother about it.

After having a lot of options, there are certain areas that face a lot of energy problems. We are using all the sources of energy but still, in some places, we are lagging behind. We need to understand its importance as this is one of the basic needs of human life.

National Energy Conservation Day

Role Of Government in Encouraging 14th Dec-National Energy Conservation Day

The Government of India plays a vital role in the Energy Conservation. It not only promotes and spreads awareness among the people, but also time to time it keeps checking on the work.

The government has also started various Awards and Mementos ceremonies to bring people to one platform. A kind of competition was created among the people by doing this activity.

To reach the next level of stage the government has started promoting the Solar Energy Panel scheme for the public interest.

For the people who go for it the government gives a subsidy for installing it.

This not only saves the power cut but also saves vital energy for the industries. The reason for promotion was to make the best use of Hydropower in the Industrial and heavy machinery sector for their growth. By doing this the government can generate important revenue for the country.

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By the government initiative only we also have Silicon Valley, like the US. The name of the city is Bangalore which is completely run on solar energy and this the next-generation city in India.

India became the second country in the World to do so. This is one of the Green Initiative steps taken by the government which has made our country feel proud.

Government Initiative in National Energy Conservation Day

The Government is doing its best to promote Green Conservation in India. It’s up to the people whether they want to be among the best or with the worst.

We can see there are many countries in the world who is buying electricity from other countries on a higher rate like Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, etc.

We should thank to our government who is taking care of our basic needs and making the people aware of the importance of “Green Conservation”.

So, let’s share our hands with the government for a brighter future for our future generation. This help cannot be better than any help for the government. Only we have to become aware and stand with the government program.

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