National Friendship Day 6th August 2023 in India

National Friendship Day 6th August:-Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday in August. In 2023, the first Sunday of August falls on the 6th.

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This day is dedicated to friends. On this day, people get together with their friends. No matter how old they are or how new they are. People greet everyone.

They also give gifts in memory of them. People celebrate with friends and also go on trips. In Hinduism, the exemplar of friendship is Lord Krishna and Sudam.

Why Is National Friendship Day Celebrated?

Relationships between people are made by blood, but friends are made by thoughts and feelings. We make our friendships after learning each other’s good and bad habits.

Nurture this precious relationship for a lifetime. Friendship Day is celebrated to honor this relationship. Whatever the time was, there were friends, they are there and they will continue to be there.

National Friendship Day History

In 1935, the United States of America initiated the concept of Friendship Day with the aim of promoting and honoring friendships.

The US Congress government was responsible for its inception. This year, Friendship Day 2023 falls on the first Sunday of August.

It is imperative to remember to extend warm wishes to our cherished friends on the 6th of August, as this day holds significant importance.

It is noteworthy that every year, on the first Sunday of August, families celebrate Friendship Day. Friends exchange gifts on this occasion, which serve as cherished mementos.

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The value of the gift is not determined by its price, but rather by the emotions it conveys.

Some Important Factors About My Friend

My friends have played a significant role in my life. During my academic pursuits, my friends have provided me with substantial assistance.

I resided in a hostel from fourth class until engineering school. During my studies, when I ran out of writing materials, my friends generously provided me with them.

Additionally, when I lacked breakfast, my friends would offer me food.

My family’s financial situation was dire during my academic pursuits, and I will always remember the extent to which my friends supported me during this challenging period.

There are many such memorable moments with my friends. I am sharing 2 of those stories.


In 2006, I was studying ITI in Rourkela, Odisha. Rourkela is 240 km away from my house. I discovered that the institution did not possess its own lodging facilities, which caused me to become anxious about finding temporary accommodations.

Fortunately, one of my ITI colleagues extended an invitation to stay at his residence and study.

My friend’s parents generously provided me with food and shelter, and treated me with the same level of care and attention as they did their own child. Their kindness and hospitality allowed me to successfully complete my studies.

Since then, I am eternally grateful to my friend and her parents for all the love and care they have given me.

National Friendship Day 6th August


In 2010, I was pursuing my studies in engineering. One day, I was travelling by bus from Jharsuguda to Rourkela, both of which are cities located in the state of Odisha, India.

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During the journey, the bus made a stop at Sundargarh bus stand, where I noticed that my bag was missing from the shelf.

The bag contained my clothing and all the library books related to engineering. Fortunately, I had my mobile phone and purse with me.

Shortly after, an unknown individual contacted me and informed me that he had stolen my bag. However, he expressed his desire to return it and provided me with his home address.

In light of this, I contacted a friend of mine who was studying at Sundargarh engineering college at the time and explained the situation to him.

He promptly came to my aid. My friend travelled to the address provided by the unknown individual, which was located deep within a forested area.

However, it took him two days to return with my bag due to the challenging terrain and the fact that the area was known to be a hotbed of terrorist activity.

Despite the difficulties he faced, my friend was successful in retrieving my bag, and I remain eternally grateful to him for his assistance.

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